Who Are We?

We are a local family business providing a comprehensive range of computer related services.

We have a shop at 86 Tangier Road, Baffins, PO3 6HU.  Please come in and ask us anything computer related and we will do our best to help.

We believe in going the extra mile and giving you our very best no matter what.

Experience (Years+)

Our Mission

As a small, family business our mission is simple; to provide a competitive, trustworthy and reliable business offering a comprehensive range of computer related services.



Formed Ace Processors in September of this year, with the idea of being a local ‘one stop shop’ for all your computer needs. Starting off in the front room of our house.



Still working from home but getting bigger we have now started to look at getting a premises of our own; we have built up a good customer basis but are looking to grow a little more.


Late in the year we decided to make a leap of faith and take a chance, still not earning quite enough to move, we decided to go halves on a shop; we had the back and they had the front, this gave us more room and a little more freedom.


We made the big step this year with the owner of the last shop closing down we decided we couldn’t move back home and so took hold of our current premises (86 Tangier Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, PO3 6HU) also making us more known and more helpful to you. With our new shop are goal is to provide fast, reliable and affordable computer and laptop repairs in Portsmouth.


We are now celebrating our 10 year anniversary, still going strong with new customers weekly due to the recommendations of satisfied customers and business’s…
We have invested in a new laser printer/copier to expand our printing services and to provide more versatile professional printing, including booklets and high resolution photo printing.

2016 - Jan

In January 2016, we won the Business Excellence Award for 2016 conducted by AI – Acquisition International. We were named: Best Laptop & PC Repairer – Portsmouth

We are honoured by the individual (s) for nominating us, and want to say a massive thank you to our customers for their loyalty, support and continually recommending us to their friends and family that help our business to grow and improve.


In Autumn 2016 we re-designed all our stationary, our website and have had a fresh new look to the shop front. Also introduced a ‘special offer of the month’  for example discounted printing paper or USB Memory Sticks.

2017 - Feb

We have kicked off this new year with another Business Excellence Award for 2017 conducted by AI – Acquisition International. We were named: Best IT Repair Service Provider – Portsmouth

To add to Last year’s 2016 title of: Best Laptop & PC Repairer – Portsmouth

2017 - July

For the second time this year, we have received another award, also conducted by AI – Acquisition International, this time Global Excellence Award for 2017.

We were named: Most Trusted in Computer Repairs – Portsmouth

We want to say a massive Thank you to our customers for their support, loyalty and nominating us again.

2018 - March

We have won 2 Business Excellence Awards!

We have been awarded with not one but two Business Excellence Awards for 2018 conducted by AI – Acquisition International.

We have been named:
Best Computer Repair Shop – Portsmouth &
Customer Services Excellence Award – Portsmouth!

As always, We would like to thank all our customers for all their support and loyalty.
And a special thank you to the individual (s) for continually nominating us.

Our Services...

Computer and laptop support, media and printing for home and business




Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal


Computer & Laptop Repairs


More Repair Services

Take a look at the other repair services we provide…



CD & DVD Duplication


Home Movies to DVD

including: VHS and cassette

More Media Services

Take a look at the other media services we provide…


Professional Photo Printing




up-to A3

More Printing Services

Take a look at the other printing services we provide…




Design Services

Websites, flyers, stationery & more

More Business Services

Take a look at the other business services we provide

Ask Us

We would be happy to help in any situation related to our services, if we haven’t mentioned something you’re after, just ask us, we could probably still help or know someone who will.

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